Being a part of the Pasadena community has been a true pleasure. From meeting amazing folks at the Friday morning coffee meet up events to speaking at events like Global Disruptors, I absolutely love inspiring people to push their limits.

I met Sophie Parkinson at the Friday Coffee MeetUp and here we started a conversation that led to speaking at her next event that highlighted 3 companies that are disrupting their industries.

The event was hosted by PHNIX, a disruptor in the HVAC industry with more than 200 patents, has created an innovative organizational structure called the “Fission Startup Method”.  It highlighted stories from global entrepreneurs who have come up with ideas to disrupt traditional industries. The speakers which were highlights of the evening were Andrew Yi Zong, founder of PHNIX, Chen Yu, co-founder of YeePay (a Chinese third-party payment service provider focused on innovating and promoting value added financial services that enable customers and merchants to make and receive payments securely, conveniently, and cost effectively), and Johannes Bhakdi, Founder of Quantgene (a company which is developing the first universal cancer screening test)

I had the opportunity to talk about the developments in the travel industry that GLYD is gearing up to bring.  GLYD will democratize the tour guide industry by providing instant and custom digital itineraries to travelers so that they are able to have a more authentic experience of the place they are traveling.

As the founder, I am honored to have spoken alongside Andrew Yi Zong of PHNIX and Chen Yu of YeePay.